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Connect your IDE to a UbiOps deployment

In this how-to, we will show you how to connect to your deployment using an IDE. This is useful when you want to work inside a deployment, but still use the features of your favorite IDE. We will discuss this for Visual Studio Code. Other IDEs will most likely have similar steps.


In order to follow this how-to, you need to have a deployment running that allows for SSH connections. Detailed instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code has extensive documentation on how to connect to a remote host. It is highly recommended to follow this guide. However, we will provide a small step list in this how-to.

Before starting, make sure you can connect to your deployment using SSH. If this is not possible, please follow the how-to on SSH connections.

Now on to the steps in Visual Studio Code:

  1. Install the Remote - SSH extension
  2. Select Remote-SSH: Connect to Host... from the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  3. Add a new SSH host
    • Enter the SSH command you use to connect to your deployment
    • ssh deployment@<ip_address> -p <deployment_ssh_port>
  4. Connect to the newly added host
  5. Navigate to the /home/deployment folder

You are now connected to your deployment and can start developing your code inside the UbiOps deployment with Visual Studio Code. The result will look something like this (note the bottom left blue bar indicating the SSH connection): Visual Studio Code connected to a UbiOps deployment