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Connect to an existing Azure Blob Storage bucket

UbiOps supports connecting to storage buckets at several cloud providers. One of the supported cloud providers is Azure Blob Storage. Read on to find out how you can connect your bucket to UbiOps.

Configuring the bucket

In the WebApp you can create a new bucket in the Storage page. Click on Create new bucket and select Connect to existing cloud bucket. From the provider list, select Azure.

For Azure Blob Storage, you need to configure:

  • A connection string in the format DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=;AccountKey=; The account provided in the string should have sufficient permissions to access the bucket to upload, download and delete files.
  • The service account needs full read and write access to the bucket to support all functionality in UbiOps. See the Azure storage documentation for more information about storage permissions.
  • The container name
  • Optionally a prefix. With a prefix, you can limit the files that UbiOps can access in your bucket. The prefix is added to all paths in read and write operations. Leave it empty to access all files in your bucket.

After creating the bucket, you should be able to view and manage files in your bucket in UbiOps via File Overview.