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“With UbiOps we managed to significantly reduce the time and efforts needed for deploying and managing our AI models for detecting failures of our switch heating installations”

– Cees-Jan Mas | Projectmanager Vernieuwing at ProRail

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“Building such an infrastructure ourselves in our own Cloud would cost us considerably more in terms of money and time. With UbiOps we are able to fasten the time to market of our models with 50%”

–  Peter Visser, IM Enterprise Architect at BAM

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“Using UbiOps, we manage to reduce our costs by 85%. We are able to deploy and maintain our data driven applications for less than 15% of the budget we needed before”

– Jorn Pruntel, Director, ASSET Rail

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“We’re proud as Gradyent to partner closely with Dutch Analytics as lead user of their UbiOps platform. Together we continue to push the limits of our AI & analytics pipelines that run real-time Digital Twins of heat networks, which we build at Gradyent”

– Robert Vrancken, CTO at Gradyent

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